RASSON BILLIARDS MFG. established in 1990. With the establishment, RASSON provided billiard slate OEM for billiard companies all over the world. So far RASSON take near 60% of billiard slate market in North America and have been the most famous slate brand in global. Since 2005, RASSON expanded business into billiard table manufacturing and provided OEM&ODM for numerous top billiard brands in North America.  Nowadays RASSON have been the biggest billiard table manufacturer and exporter in the world.  Over 10,000 tables are produced per year in the 323,000 square-foot (30,000M2) RASSON factory and be shipped to everywhere around the world.

Every RASSON table is built with the best selected wood material and exquisite craftsmanship. Each commercial table is equipped with RASSON designed and patented leveling system and pockets, which allows very easy leveling and fast assembly to the table. It’s joyful no matter to play or watch the play on a Rasson table with such unique look and superb quality.

To promote the development of billiards sport in global, RASSON offer much support to lots of international billiard tournaments like EPBF, ICP, ECP, UMB, WPA etc; RASSON table had been designated as the official table by many international billiard organizations like WPBL, Dragon Promotions in US, Matchroom that held Mosconi Cup, GB9 in UK and Polish Billiard Association etc