Roberto Sport

Roberto Sport is one of the best table-soccer manufacturers in the world and surely the leader in Italy.
They boasts an array of products with a very high quality and with very accessible prices.

Their TOP LINE product is the TOP SPEED.
This table is the one used for the ITSF official tournaments.

They are responsible for the growth of this sport in Italy and in the world.
Roberto Sport is one of the ITSF’s official sponsors, of the FICB, as well as the table soccer women world champion: Samantha Di Paolo. Ten years ago, in Italy, when the Italian Table Soccer Federation was born, Roberto Sport was the only company which supported it economically and ideologically.
Nowadays they’re still the main FICB’s partner and today they’re walking and growing up together.

The Italian Table Soccer Federation was born in 1995, from the passion of Massimo Ragona that